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We could also use the codes created to send them via Email directly in the same function instead of merely logging them. We added an employee record. Mailchimp Mailchimp code samples As usual, Mailchimp provides solid tutorials for their products. For simplicity sake, we will consider only two resources i. You can see we pass the method: "POST" to the method. Each part of the tutorial is set off with section headings. The put method is used to update details of user, or create a new one if it is not existed yet. Additionally, even if including code samples, the level of detail and explanation is also somewhat debatable. You need to work on other aspects of the application as well: 1 Logging. We saw this across section length; we saw this across page depth.

Answer the following questions: Are there code samples provided? If a user with same name already exists, the API will return a message along with Bad Request, else we will create the user by appending it to users list and return the user along with Created.

rest api tutorial pdf

Click in the box and you can scroll. Testing allows you to spot errors, understand whether all the parameters are complete and valid, and more.

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Activity with code samples With the open-source project you identified , identify code samples in the API documentation. But if we try another request, the service will respond. Consuming a public API to fetch data Our first example is going to be quite simple, but still more interesting than the Math one. Now we will begin creating our API endpoints by defining a User resource class. The URL is the same, complete with the employee id. But not everyone starts in the code. It took me about 30 minutes of troubleshooting before I consulted the ajax method and realized that it should be dataType with a capital T. You can see we pass the method: "POST" to the method. Let's take the academic prose down a notch. Focus on the why, not the what Once you have code samples in your documentation, the next question is how to document them.

One for its direct representation inside sub-collection i. I started to research on frameworks and tools that can help me in achieving the separation of front-end and back-end development.

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rest api tutorial

Your data changes or is updated frequently.

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API code tutorials