Why did stalin emerge as leader of soviet russia

He also linked himself to the old leader, Lenin, as he stayed close to Lenin before his death in Stalin was not the natural successor of Vladimir Leninbut he was able to use his position within the Soviet Communist Party to become the undisputed leader of the Soviet Union. Consolidating His Rule Related Articles.

Trotsky remained silent throughout this Congress. However the catch was the difference between the two. After this, prominent Bolsheviks were concerned about who would take over if Lenin actually died.

Stalins rise to power timeline

This interpretation is now believed to be an exaggeration of Trotsky's role. One of Lenin's secretaries showed Stalin the notes, whose contents shocked him. However, opinions differed on from time to time. Consolidating His Rule Related Articles. Trotsky was forced into exile and eventually later settled in Mexico. Fearing a backlash from the trade unions, Lenin asked Stalin to build a support base in the Workers' and Peasants' Inspectorate Rabkrin against bureaucratism. He continued to support the NEP and to overcome the difficulty of acquiring grain from the peasantry, he even suggested further concessions to them.

They had failed to end the war and to redistributed land to the Russian peasants. They wrote open letters acknowledging their mistakes and were readmitted to the Communist Party in Juneafter a six-month cooling-off period. However, he was criticized for not routing the Poles and exporting the revolution to that country and elsewhere in Europe.

Stalin opposed Zinoviev's demand, and skillfully played the role of a moderate. From their point of view, the country needed agricultural strength before it could start industrialization.

Stalin tried to persuade the small Chinese Communist Party to merge with the Kuomintang KMT Nationalists to bring about a bourgeois revolution before attempting to bring about a Soviet-style working class revolution.

In the Russian Civil War that followed, Stalin forged connections with various Red Army generals and eventually acquired military powers of his own. His pseudonym, Stalin, means "man of the steel hand".

how did stalin die
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