The characteristics of fakers and how to deal with them

how to spot a fake nice person

Be especially suspicious if they expect some kind of loyalty from you simply because they associate with you. For a real friend, fulfilling the needs and wants of both people in the relationship is part of the fun.

Fake friends don't stick around when you have nothing left except for yourself.

5 signs of a fake person

Fake Friends Don't Accept You For Who You Are Finally, one of the most obvious signs of a fake friend is if this "friend" treats you differently when you change something about yourself. Differences of opinion and even arguments can be normal in friendship.

The characteristics of fakers and how to deal with them

Relief from boredom Relief from loneliness While these are all things that you can give to a friend simply because you like them, if they are hanging out with you because of these things, then that's a problem.

You run into them on the street, but they are late for a meeting. The way fake people act has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. This is a real problem in society: people make commitments they never intend to keep.

Validation means they can continue to act that way. Real experts know when and how to improvise.

Characteristics of a fake person

I asked Lev to share his views about the best ways to tell real experts from the fakes. In my new eBook, I use iconic Buddhist teachings to provide no-nonsense suggestions for living a better life. Real experts demonstrate intellectual honesty. When you are a good person, it truly shows. Fake Friends Don't Listen to You One major sign of a fake friend is that they are extremely egocentric. Another way that you can tell that someone doesn't care about what you have to say is if they never reference something that you said in the past. If this person is close to you and you feel like you might be able to get through to them, ask some light and topical questions about why they act the way they do and offer to help them work through some of the things they bring up. This person could easily be a fake friend. Does it always seem like the things you want are optional and unnecessary, but the things that your friend wants are always justified? Come on now, everyone gets mad at something! They will most certainly try to turn the mirror on you so be ready for some backlash. Real experts focus on their field, not themselves. Ideally, they would never address your needs or wants at all, since they are mostly a nuisance. This should be effortless for a real friend because they should actually care about you.

Real experts focus on their field, not themselves.

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Fake people: 16 things they do and how to deal with them