Revising for essay exam

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If there is a part of the course you are struggling with, you can meet with your tutor to review these.

I feel guilty sometimes, wondering if I should write an essay and am in fact being lazy- and sometimes I am, but normally it is more than that.

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Another tried and tested revision technique is working through past exam papers. I then use spider diagrams to test my knowledge, as I find them easier to come back to and read again compared to essays. If you freeze or go blank, look away from the paper. It's also about looking after yourself during the days and weeks leading up to the event, in order to lower your anxiety.

Read all parts of a question before beginning to answer. Work on an unfamiliar area and see how much you can do in the first half hour. You can make it more fun by adding coloured pens.

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Brainstorm all relevant ideas onto paper, including references, examples, arguments, queries, links… Match up ideas to aspects of the title and organise them into the most powerful order.

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How to revise for exams