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Astrum was renamed the Samsonite Corporation two years later.. We got in John Abraham as brand ambassador two years ago as he is an inspiration for our target group. Slide Post This was the period when the industry witnessed a paradigm shift in terms of quality and service. This is a very different consumer. Competitive Positioning Matrix Disclaimer: This data is only a representation. Although these counterfeit products are of low quality, a specific consumer base tends to buy products owing to their inexpensive prices compared to authenticated brand products. VIP has always been a market leader and a category- defining brand. Thie strategic thought process seems to that adopted by VIP Industries which has 6 core brands and some of them have been similarly acquired. Competing brands are available only in certain pockets and price points and cant compete with Aristocrat and Alfa - the two are at value price points where brands cannot afford to compete with us. It plays the penetration game and looks to convert people investing in non-branded luggage to branded luggage.

Alfa bags step in to cater to this need. We are distributors for this brand in India. We will look at re-entering this market at the right time. Kipling is part of VF Corporation, a global leader in branded apparel and accessories.

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This trend is expected to gain prominence over the forecast period What presence does VIP have in the semi-urban and rural markets? The segment is a different ball game altogether, for us to participate in currently.

Insiders point to JCPenney's Jaguar line as having the second-largest market share, with 7 percent of overall sales, followed closely by Atlantic Luggage Co.

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This season witnesses a spate of purchases of luggage.

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Indian Luggage Industry Research Report, Market Analyst: Ken Research