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But in June, they announced ending negotiations without agreement. This market position is key for Nokia as it battles against Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market. The aggressive marketing practices followed by Motorola have hit Nokia very hard and it is losing very crucial global market share every month to its American competitor. Just by reading the name of the handset, one gets a broad idea what the phone looks like or whatits features are. In this regard, the main smartphone competitors to the Lumia include the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones. To this end, the Lumia has been designed to meet specific needs of a wide scope of clientele. Recently a few snaps from the presidents office of Thailand showed that the president used a white Nokia Lumia The huge range of products, which should actually be positive in terms of variety, might carry the risk of consumers ending up confused.

The company responded by streamlining its telecommunications divisions, and by divesting itself of the television and PC divisions. Nokia through its launch of the additional products in its Lumia series is positioning itself to make inroads in this market.

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Smartphones have been, and will be the absolute top-sellers, they have become our everyday companions. Action Programs The plan of action for the Lumia basically incorporates ensuring a sustained service to its clientele. To this end, and as far as the introduction of the Nokia Lumia is concerned, Nokia can regain its influence on the market to reclaim its brand name as a strength and driver for its success Mata, The need to better the services and products that customers receive from the company is what makes Microsoft tick in that efficiency and effectiveness drives the innovation and technological advancements at the company. It stores and performs multiple functions according to the program code written on it. On the upside, sales of the Lumia handsets were still growing, selling two million of the series in the last three months of Q2 In our Marketing Plan we will discuss important tasks such as situation analysis, key marketing objectives, strategic initiatives, tactical plans, and a summary on obstacles we will face and how we will measure our results. To address this concern, Lumia brands were developed to suit various market segments based on affordability, thus, the Lumia was able to appeal to the high end and middle class market segments. Consumers now have more than they can choose. To this end, the Lumia has been designed to meet specific needs of a wide scope of clientele. Prior to the development of the Lumia, Nokia had developed Symbian operated brands that did not perform well in the market; the poor performance owing to difficulties that the Symbian based operating system developed which frustrated users. This would help in identifying factors such as religion, occupation and social class that affect the buying behavior of consumers. For comparison, Nokia sold more than 30 million Symbian devices world-wide still in Q4 and the Nokia N8 alone sold almost 4 million in its first quarter of sale. In January Nokia withdrew this program in 27 countries, due to its failure to gain traction with customers or mobile network operators; existing subscribers could continue to download until their contracts ended. On 4 May , a group of Nokia investors filled a class action against the company as a result of disappointing sales of Nokia phones running on the Windows Phone platform.

Essentially though, the report is a detailed analysis of the Lumia brand of phones detailing its marketing pros and cons that encompasses its SWOT analysis to provide a comprehensive review of the stature of the brand in the smart phone market. To achieve this goal of industry leadership the company intends to improve its presence in various regions around the world.

Information detailed in this report can be useful in the development of appropriate recommendations for the management of the Lumia marketing team.

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It provides the past, present and future analysis of the prospects of the Lumia brand with respect to the achievements it has been able to attain. This is no time for a Lumia marketing strategy based on, or appearing to be based on scarcity.

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However, this seems to have been compromised since other brands such as HTC and Samsung have already developed windows phones Mata, Essentially, the positioning of the Lumia was based on three main factors; first, differentiation which enhanced it uniqueness from other smartphones.

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