Market feasibility of jollibee

Then Jollibee was born. Therefore looking at the above mentioned points we would recommend that the company should follow a transnational strategy given that they face high pressures of both cost reduction and local adaptation.

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Human Resource Management The organizational structure is shown below. Driving Forces Increasing globalization Sourcing beef materials from Brazil and locating in foreign markets both introduce the company to global developments such as crude prices and tariff and non-tariff barriers that could potentially change how operations continue in the future.

The technology development in the fast-food industry therefore is a necessity especially in achieving economies of scale. Since most of the middle class visits Comembo wet and dry market and Unimec Supermarket.

The ramifications of poor relations are clear in the closing down of many franchisees abroad. The total Land area is 61 hectares. Feeling of one unit and one family is considered to be their priority as they expanded immensely into various countries and regions.

Adding to the Filipino taste, the company developed products that could compete with the new comers. Threat of substitute products- low to moderate, products from the local street food industry is a major substitute, but the service and cleanliness offered by Jollibee is an advantage.

Cultural diversity especially in countries penetrated by Filipinos and Filipino cooking offers a potential market. Strengths 1.

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This smooth transition can be enabled by inter unit cooperation, decentralizing the organizational structure and following a geocentric approach. It is one of minimizing their risk if one of their branches would not be able to successfully penetrate a market in a county.

Market feasibility of jollibee
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