How to write a freelance writing resume

Instead of stating that you wrote a bunch of feature stories for a local newspaper, focus on one or two of those stories and state the impact they had on the community.

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Develop your elevator speech. Include: Your website every freelancer should have a website This should have your portfolio or samples of your work.

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If your objective fails to address what the employer wants from a freelancer, then he or she has no reason to hire you. Uploaded all articles directly to the website and social media pages. Also, do more than an automated spell-checker.

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Here's some good news: once you have your list, you also have your resume keywords. Graduate with honors? That's because freelance writers must constantly be looking for new work. If you are submitting a resume at a job site, upload a professional photo of yourself so employers can match a face to your resume. If it helps, read aloud to see how the content flows. Do an actual read-through, word for word. Use headings Aim for clarity and consistency. This is not a place where you want to be shy. For freelancers, it's even more complicated. You might be surprised at how many writing gems you find when you start searching your files. Creates optimized content that adheres to the requirements of the client; the requirements cover tone, length, keyword density, and the location of keywords. Your best recent work experience No matter what the style of your resume, freelancers need to be careful to highlight their best experience -- not necessarily all of it. Tell a prospective client what service you will provide them, not just how awesome you are. Decide which types of jobs you're going after.

This makes for a quick and easy read. Also called a functional resumethis style highlights what you can do, not the order in which you acquired your skills or demonstrated them.

Separate your publications into different categories based on genre e.

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Do: Constantly be recording your projects and a writing a 1-sentence description of each. Personality, creativity, and culture fit is sometimes as important as skills.

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Sample of a Freelance Writer Resume