High schools in australia and china essay

Curricula reflect the societies they are intended to serve Noddings, Cannot comment enough to illustrate my gratitude on the writing job they did with my laboratory report this semester.

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This kind of comfortable, seemingly almost relaxed, individualised assessment can hardly be expected to be useful in the Chinese situation. Just becoming literate in Chinese is no mean feat for the young children whose rural life is not without hardship, before adding the completely different skill of being literate in English.

Appendix 1 shows that 16 of the 22 topics in the Chinese curriculum were also covered in the Welsh curriculum, and 17 of the 20 topics in the Welsh curriculum were also covered in the Chinese curriculum differences in topic structure explain the mismatch.

High schools in australia and china essay

Routledge Press. The first is their apparent lack of creativity and independent thinking. Here, you can say that studying abroad will help in improving your education.

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Conclusion The important differences between Chinese education and Western-style education are not about the physical schools, or sitting arrangements in the classrooms, or even teaching styles. And there is a threat of me failing to meet the grade requirement. So cool that I had a chance to work with a professional resource that shows the real interest and care in what they are doing for me. Independent Thinking and Working Collaboratively As a Western educator involved in teaching Chinese students as part of the push for them to learn English and fit in with western society , there were two differences that I quickly found most noticeable. In Western Education, creativity and independent thinking are highly valued, apparently in contrast to the old traditional Chinese education where a student, or apprentice, would learn from the master by carefully and repeatedly copying the master until completely competent. At this point, you are supposed to write on the various schools you have been to up to the present stating their start and end dates. Portfolios — in digital and paper format — are popular in many schools as a way of demonstrating that students have reached designated learning outcomes. For example, topics on chemical equilibria, ions in solution, redox, batteries and electrolysis are written sequentially in that order—a very logical progression.

I have no Chinese heritage but have had a strong appreciation of Chinese culture since I was For a narrative journalism assignment, we were required to compose a personal essay that classmates would print out and write down their feedback to return to the author.

The original Chinese curriculum is written in Chinese, and I translated the excerpts in this essay myself. They started each day with an individual private study session, but in the absence of any guidance in this area, they merely sat in their seats sleepily reading aloud through their vocabulary list without paying attention to correct pronunciation or meaning.

Testing is mostly school-based, with teachers designing appropriate evaluations.

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The difference between chinese and western education

Never exceeded the outlined length. Your work history is also important where you can say the kind of jobs you have done and how helpful are they to your education. Extracurricular Activities From an experiential perspective After 20 years of teaching in Australian schools, I taught in China for two years, and then also taught Chinese students in British Universities. They had been warned that if they did not attend all of their classes they would lose their visas, and likewise if they did not attain high enough marks they would not be allowed to continue in their courses. Among the Chinese students I shared classrooms with were experienced journalists who worked at their home town news stations, staff writers for metropolitan papers, visual artists with featured exhibitions and aspiring documentary makers. Thanks a lot again. The Chinese curriculum document and many other policy documents reflect this centuries-old tradition.
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