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The next day, J. Grant Taylor is the Shiloh Eagles coach, a high school football team that has been having poor performance for a number of seasons consecutively.

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Scenes show him reading his Bible and in earnest conversation with God. Coach Grant wanted a change for his team. At a breaking point for her, she tearfully surrenders her desires and tells her Heavenly Father that she does still love Him.

Grant asks Brady about the talk with Pervis, but gets nothing out of him.

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Coach grant action here is a very good lesson for any leader that is riddled by challenges. She goes to the gynecologist and takes yet another pregnancy test. So David Childers must kick from now on. He therefore proposes that Grant be replaced by his assistant Brady. Then in a shocking turnaround the school gives Grant a substantial raise in salary instead of firing him. To prove that, he puts his players through the Death Crawl--on all fours, with the knees off the ground, and another teammate on one's back--for ten yards. Problems always have a solutions. What are their roles in the movie? He teases Brooke unmercifully about it, but is still glad to get rid of it. The boy takes the lesson to heart and reconciles with his dad. Grant lays this on the team the next day, with a simple illustration: no one can remember who won the State championship five years earlier. He was not wining at home and he was not winning on the football field. Larry encourages his son not to give in to his fears.

The story is short in length but does not lack excellence. This spiritual booster is used in the film to drive home a core message: Faith in God's provision must be coupled with our "very best.

Whose characters do you see yourself more? He therefore devices a new strategy whereby he decides to change his attitude and that of the team. The sports announcers can't understand it, especially since the wind is against David.

So David Childers must kick from now on.

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Teachers look twice at these former "dumb jocks" who are at last applying themselves to their studies as well as they apply themselves on the playing field. If his team was winning that probably would have encouraged him to believe that he was not losing on all grounds.

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They even swap it out for his old blue car with the dying battery. Positive Elements It's hard to think of something in Facing the Giants that isn't positive. A humiliated Grant finally goes home and confesses everything to Brooke--about the secret meeting he overheard with the A. He read the analysis of the game to his team and revealed that they just gave the game away. Grant asks Brady about the talk with Pervis, but gets nothing out of him. He was concerned but not moved. Second half begins, and the Eagles' tricks work.

Well, the end of it all was that, coach Grant won the state championship all to the glory of God.

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