Essays on students and politics

Essays on students and politics

Image Source : jmu-journalism. Related posts:. He is also trained for the leadership. It is the time to learn, the time to soak in experiences, the time to gather information. If this period is wasted by any reason, they will have to face life long problems. They are tempted or even dragged into politics. Today many political parties have taken advantage of the students for their own selfishness, once they are finished they will eat them. Participation in politics trains a student to be a good citizen.

Those who support the participation of students in politics make out an equally strong case. Image Source : jmu-journalism.

Students in politics advantages and disadvantages

Undoubtedly, students' politics form an important component of a student's learning. To prove their point right, they argue that the students are the future leaders of our country. That is why students are advised to stay away from dirty politics. The students need to strike the right balance between their studies and their political involvement. This "politics of new age" promotes healthy competition, in a way, today, a student gives more information about the latest national and international affairs. Log in international politics k educators and it's one. Now-a-days the university elections have gained huge importance, as national parties have started taking interest in these election by nominating their own candidates. Many of these dishonest activities have been intentionally done to attract media attention and gathering publicity.

It is generally seen that the students who get trapped in the meshes of politics during their student life, often fail in life and repent bitterly for this mistake. Soon the students are absorbed as the workers of the political party.

Killings occur sometimes even to their own activist as several rival factions of the same party are present in a respective university.

Student and politics essay 500 words

For this, to take power over the entire campus they do not hesitate even to kill their opponents. National issues are no longer confined to the national and state level political parties. In our country, many political parties adhere to them to follow 'youth policy'. In such cases either the examination has been canceled or adjourned. One group of people holds the view that the students should take part in politics. The university elections are a good launching platform for the young and enthusiastic leaders. Political consciousness is, therefore, an indispensable factor contributing to the growth and development of a nation. It is generally seen that the students who get trapped in the meshes of politics during their student life, often fail in life and repent bitterly for this mistake. They have never feared to take a stand on a particular issue. Many students are put behind bars. These student unions can be considered as the counterparts of the state and national level political parties. The other group of people hold the opposite view.

They are a powerhouse of unused capacity Students should not participate in active politics before getting political knowledge and political ideology. They have no Understanding of national and international issues because they are not mature enough.

Now when our country is faced with so many problems, the students can play equally significant role for the extradication of those social evils.

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By involving them in political tussle with each other we are not doing them any good. The universities have turned into the grounds for the proxy fights among the national parties.

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Later granted bail to them as the proof was not enough to punish the students. The present day student politics is mercenary in nature — rent-seeking, violent and crime loving.

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Student Politics in Bangladesh Essay Example