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Virile Men should go to their wives The symbolic meaning of these images still remains a hotly debated subject between scholars, art historians, and archeologists. If one of these place-values is off, it can affect us greatly.

The activities surrounding food, although certainly not unimportant as the consumption of food is necessary for the survival of humanity, are an example of a seemingly mundane and uncomplicated process that Hindu thought attributes a deeper meaning or purpose to.

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That is why I decided to write about early Buddhism origins and practices in India. Living as a prince, he went on a religious endeavor seeking to improve human suffering. These similarities and differences can clearly be seen when looking at how both belief systems approach spiritual fulfillment and the dilemma of how this fulfillment can be achieved.

However, with the advancement of time, conditions of women have improved a lot Hinduism can be said to have been inspired by and emerged from the Vedic religion; however the simple fact that the core of Hinduism comes from the Vedic period does not denote that the complex theological thought that is behind it was also developed during that period.

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