Errors in grammar spelling and punctuation altering public space

While we all hope what we have to say is more important than some silly grammatical error, the truth is some people will not subscribe or link to your blog if you make dumb mistakes when you write, and buying from you will be out of the question.

It contains two or more independent clauses. A dictionary is always at hand so you can check whether the word you are using in a sentence or phrase is appropriate. There are three major assistive technologies that enable writing independence: To be a good descriptive writer, you must appeal to your reader's senses.

From literature we, as a society, have built what later became social rules, giving rise to things such as prejudice. Staples could use his appearance as a Here are the top 9 grammatical mistakes students make along with ways to avoid them: 1.

The family was reduced to poverty.

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The preposition used to form such a phrase is to or for. Because gerunds function as nouns, they have many uses. This Grammar checker will do your work free in the blink of an eye and return your text with perfect grammar.

All you need to do is to perform two simple steps, copy your text and paste it into the Grammar checker tool text box available on top then click on check button available below the text box and your text with correct grammar will be displayed in just a few seconds.

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9 common grammar mistakes that make students lose marks