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Although the handover of Hong Kong was insocial change takes a long period to develop, especially non-material culture The exact dates vary from year to year. In the following, it will first briefly look into the old and new education system.

As a result, the Education System replaced the Education System are structurally different. However, the course of Chinese history only included historical fact but not aimed at covering any values or the national sense.

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In this essay, I will mainly focus on the sociological and economic perspectives of Direct Subsidy schools. After two examinations, only a few students left can be regarded as elites in the society. Although the handover of Hong Kong was atinterpersonal change uses a long period to develop, specifically nonmaterial tradition The fewer graduates can be totally satisfied the need of economic structure which was factory-orientated.

The change in format was an added burden for teachers and students in the transition cohorts. Greater flexibility can be obtained for schools. Therefore, in terms of the context and curriculum of the new education system, they can be seen as an act of reestablishing Chinese identity and national sense for Hong Kong people.

With fewer elites in the society and more people with lower education level, the possible rebellion against the rule of Britain would not be so serious.

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Education Reform in Hong Kong: System Essay