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Selection Criteria The significance of the texts chosen for illuminating aspects of the study of the cultures, histories, and societies of China; and Interdisciplinarity in the study of texts; for example, sociologists and literary scholars might be invited to read historical documents, historians to join the reading of philosophical manuscripts, etc.

Awards for collaborative reading workshops may be used to support travel and lodging costs of participants, acquisition of materials, communications, and local arrangements. In addition, proposals based on research outside these areas will also be considered.

Eligibility: The coordinator of the workshop applies on behalf of all participants.

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No additional financial support for publication is anticipated. E-mail and paper applications will not be accepted. This may include work useful to development of the prospectus.

Applicants who have obtained tenure, or whose tenure review will be complete before May 31,are not eligible. Stipends may be used for costs associated with travel to China: air and ground transportation, visas and living expenses.

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Close reading and careful translation are thus the basis for workshop discussion. Remarkable social changes are taking place in China, as the country is in the process of reforming its currently labour-intensive economy into one that is more adapted to methods required for high-level technological expertise and innovations.

Applicants must not accept full-time employment during the grant period, and should inform the Foundation if they are applying for or subsequently receive other sources of funding. Formats of workshops may vary, but each should be based on texts that illuminate a period, tradition, culture, location, or event.

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