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This is not unusual; it has always been the norm. Don't speculate about motives or offer personal opinions because your comments could jeopardize the fairness of the trial.

This was done to make radio messages clearer and shorter for their officers and to confuse anyone else listening in to the messages. Generally, the newer developments should be placed higher in the story, while the older information should be lower down.

But they are always tied to background from the original event. Jargon is specialised language concerned with a particular subject, culture or profession. Only report as a fact what you know to be true. Reporting on crimes skews heavily toward the narratives of police and prosecutors, because who else can give you information?

When they have to break in it is called either break-and-enter or break, entry and stealing, although if it happens at night it is called burglary.

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What Next. Reporters do follow-up stories this way so that readers who may not have read the original story can figure out what is going on and not be confused. Also, no sensationalism or cheap gimmicks were noticed in the crime stories, as reporters appeared to have genuinely reported the crimes.

If you say that a person is charged for murder, that strongly implies that he has done it, something which you must not prejudge.

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