Atmospheric pressure

It impacts the way people dress each day and the types of structures built.

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As a result of this force, the speed of any object falling towards the surface of the Earth accelerates 1st second - 9. Why not use water instead of mercury? As with an isotherm for temperature, an isobar connects all points with the same atmospheric pressure. As the capacity to hold water vapor diminishes, the vapor rapidly condenses and clouds which are composed of countless billions of tiny water droplets or, at very high altitudes, ice crystals will develop and ultimately precipitation will fall. We will examine this graphic again in topic 7p when global circulation is discussed. What happens? That permits the instrument to be of a more manageable size. Atmospheric pressure is closely related to the hydrostatic pressure caused by the weight of air above the measurement point. So the warm, light air rises and spreads toward the poles and the colder, heavier air sinks toward the equator.

Air pressure decreases upward in the atmosphere. One atmosphere is the amount of pressure that can lift water approximately Torricelli determined from this experiment that the pressure of the atmosphere is approximately 30 inches or 76 centimeters one centimeter of mercury is equal to This method became and continues to be useful for survey work and map making.

The column of air above a square area that is one foot on a side is about 2, lb. In this graph, air pressure at the surface is illustrated as being approximately millibars mb or 1 kilogram per square centimeter of surface area.

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The term standard atmosphere is used to express the pressure in a system hydraulics and pneumatics and is equal to So why do we generally associate high pressure with fair weather and low pressure with unsettled weather?

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Atmospheric Pressure: Definition & Facts