An analysis of the first two chapters of into the wild by jon krakauer

Why, exactly, did he starve instead of making it out of the park?

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If Chris had taken Buck with him, maybe he would still be alive. It reveals his objective of living for an extended time in Denali National Park, and also hints at the consequences that may await him.

The identity of the body still remains unknown. Five weeks earlier he had packed up all of his belongings and driven off in his beloved old Datsun, changing his name to Alex Supertramp to symbolically complete cutting himself off from his past.

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Into the wild summary chapter 1

In addition, the narrator emphasizes another crucial mystery, that of what prevented McCandless from taking care of himself. The epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey both start similarly, employing a technique the ancients called beginning in medias res — "in the middle of things. Works Cited. McCandless was indeed like a monk because they both abstained from sex. It also makes people appreciate McCandless more and understand him better. The only difference may have been that he would have taken it easier while Buck was still with him. We flash back to earlier. Although he always pushes himself to work very hard and do the best job he can, he does not respond well to any criticism, or to any exhibition of authority at all. The narrator, who we know to be the author Jon Krakauer, points out that this is typical of Alex. Summary: Chapter 2 The narrator relates the history of an abandoned school bus located on a remote section of the Stampede Trail in Denali National Park. McCandless lives in a house owned by Westerberg with some of his other employees, which he really enjoys. He is convinced Alex will leave the park and come back to civilization as soon as he faces real hardship. This is shown in chapter 14 when Krakauer states that he does not believe that McCandless was suicidal and that his death was unplanned. After numerous failed attempts to get to the ocean, McCandless is just about to give up when he meets a group of duck hunters who drive him and his canoe to a fishing village near the Gulf of California. The most profound example in this section is when Jim Gallien offers McCandless different kinds of help, and McCandless insists that he will be fine.

McCandless may have chosen "Alexander" to honor Alexander the Great, a conqueror of vast territories previously unknown to him.

In May we have again flashed back further in the pastChris graduates from Emory.

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