An analysis of hurricane andrew one of the most destroying hurricanes in united states

It peaked as a Category 5 with top winds of mph but was a Category 3 storm at landfall. Florence made landfall along the southeastern coast of North Carolina as a strong Category 1 storm and brought significant storm surge flooding to portions of eastern North Carolina.

Andrew had peak winds of mph and struck the Bahamas, Florida and Louisiana.

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Strength refers to maximum sustained wind speed upon striking land. Hugo was responsible for 21 deaths in the mainland United States, five more in Puerto Rico and the U.

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The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of AL. The newly built exotic bird aviary at the Metro Zoo —- now called Zoo Miami —- was destroyed and later rebuilt, Zamanillo said.

Inthe NHC did not produce any graphical products, Brown said. Accurate estimates of the storm's strength were tricky to make, because the storm destroyed so many instruments when it hit.

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Why Andrew was different from other hurricanes Andrew was a relatively small hurricane considering how much damage it caused, Zamanillo said.

Florence produced rainfall that exceeded 20 inches along the North and South Carolina border, and in some parts of North Carolina exceeded 30 inches, a state record. Warner recalls meteorologists predicting that the storm would strike "about a half degree north" into the Coral Gables area.

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The biggest concern for emergency manager is focusing on life safety, which includes making sure people understand what the hazard is and where they can get away from that, Koon said. The hurricane completely destroyed 63, homes and damaged an additional , homes, Zamanillo said. Thomas, U. Many boats were damaged or destroyed by the rough seas and strong winds. Had the storm not taken a "little jog south," it would have hit skyscrapers and other major buildings instead, Zamanillo said. Michael is also the strongest hurricane landfall on record in the Florida Panhandle and only the second known Category 5 landfall on the northern Gulf coast. Technology: a catalyst for hurricane preparedness Even informing the public of the onset of a storm has changed drastically since So, in addition to the life-long Floridians who had never been through a storm, millions of residents new to the state had "no idea" what a category 4 or 5 storm could do, Olson said. Throughout the year, the NHC works closely with emergency managers, who make the evacuation decisions and advise residents what they should do to prepare, Brown said.
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Hurricane Andrew 25 years later: The monster storm that devastated South Miami