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Another technique sometimes used is word heaping. Some modern desktop publishing programs, such as Adobe InDesignevaluate the effects of all the different possible line-break choices on the entire paragraph, to choose the one that creates the least variance from the ideal spacing while justifying the lines so as to reduce rivers ; this also gives the least uneven edge when set with a ragged margin.

To make text centred, select and highlight the text first, then hold down Ctrl the control key on the keyboard and press E. Another example: when the spaces between words line up approximately above one another in several loose lines, a distracting river of white space may appear.

At one time, common word-processing software adjusted only the spacing between words, which was a source of the river problem. In addition, professional typesetting programs almost always provide for the use of an exception dictionary, in part because no algorithm hyphenates all words correctly, and in part because different publishers will follow different dictionaries.

Continuous casting typesetting systems such as the Linotype were able to reduce the jaggedness of the right-hand sides of adjacent lines of flush left composition by inserting self-adjusting space bands between words to evenly distribute white space, taking excessive space that would have occurred at the end of the line and redistributing it between words.

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The classical Western column did not rigorously justify, but came as close as feasible when the skill of the penman and the character of the manuscript permitted. With older typesetting systems and WYSIWYG word processors, this was done manually: the compositor or author added hyphenation on a case-by-case basis.

In programs that do not offer multiple kinds of justification, typically only left for left-to-right languages or right for right-to-left languages justification is provided.

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One example: when justification is used in narrow columns, extremely large spaces may appear between words on lines with only two or three words. This guide explains how to align text in Word for other versions please visit the Microsoft Support site.

Centered text can also be commonly found on signs, flyers, and similar documents where grabbing the attention of the reader is the main focus, or visual appearance is important and the overall amount of centered text is small.

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Left Align and Right Align Text on the Same Line