A beautiful movie adaptation of mary shelleys frankenstein

In my humble opinion, there is no "good" overall filmic adaptation of the novel; there are, rather, interesting moments, uses and purposes in adapting the novel.

After being revived, she first begins to side with the monster instead of Victor, but ultimately becomes so repulsed by the situation that she kills herself. The ultimate moral of the movie is that Friendship conquers all.

best version of frankenstein book

The film is sympathetic toward Viktor, who is given the name by a dwarf who befriends him. Strangely, Frankenstein seems more like a magician performing a conjuring trick than a methodical scientist.

Puffs of smoke billow around him as he throws handfuls of powder into a cauldron; a marionette-like skeleton materialises and bursts into flames; hair and distorted features grow in front of our eyes. Christopher Isherwood has a writing credit, which is enough by itself to make it worth a look.

IMHO, I agree totally [that there is no "good" overall filmic adaptation]. I tweaked a couple things for the purpose of this blog. This adaptation seeks to capture the essence of Shelley's novel, and does so powerfully with great cinematography and excellent special effects for its day.

Frankenstein J Searle Dawley At only 12 minutes long, the first surviving copy of a Frankenstein film adaptation is a must watch for fans of early cinema.

mary shelleys frankenstein

This movie also spawned several "B-movie" spinoffs such as The Bride of Frankenstein,and Son of Frankenstein, Trevyn McDowell as Justine Moritz, Mrs Moritz's daughter, a nursemaid in the Frankenstein household who is close friends with Elizabeth and harbours an unrequited love for Victor.

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Our Favorite Frankenstein Adaptations, Ranked From Least to Most Faithful